Prepaid Cards

Prepaid Cards

The prepaid cash card business is one of the fastest growing market segments in the world. DC Payments now offers a wide range of prepaid cards to our merchant partners. Prepaid cards are a versatile way to generate an additional revenue stream - and offer added convenience to customers and employees.

Our secure proprietary technology platform enables our merchant partners to provide cash access to their customers via a pre-loaded cash card which can be used at virtually any ATM worldwide.

In Australia, we are able to offer prepaid credit, debit, and loyalty cards. This program gives your customers access to cash anywhere the card is accepted. Cards are loaded and cash is available instantly at ATMs or EFTPOS across Australia.

Merchant benefits

  • Provide additional customer services
    Prepaid cards is a growing business. You provide existing and new customers with access to cash PLUS the additional services they are looking for.
  • Generate revenue
    Merchants generate revenue through transaction fees, reloading fees, monthly maintenance fees.
  • Reduce cash carrying costs
    Save money by reducing or eliminating cheque and cash handling.
  • Increase your brand awareness
    Brand prepaid cards with your logo and unique messaging.