Check Out the Innovative Features of the New $5 Banknote

November 04, 2016

If you’re looking for one of the most secure currencies in the world, look no further: Impeccable Reserve Bank anti-counterfeit technology ensures the continued security of the Australian dollar. This year, as a part of these measures, the Bank rolled out a brand new $5 note on 1 September, 2016 to replace the old note. Bank personnel will remove old notes from circulation over time, but they remain legal tender, so don’t worry about those in your wallet!

The new notes include eight notable new features, each with its own important purpose.

Reversing Five — On the new $5 note, there is an image of the Federation Pavilion. Inside the Pavilion is a number five that appears in different directions as you tilt the note. When you move the note, you will see the five forwards, backwards, aswell as invisible in between.

Tactile Feature — For the very first time, an Australian bank note includes a tactile feature. A raised bump along each of the long edges of the note will aid members of the visually impaired community in identifying bill denominations.

Flying Eastern Spinebill — This feature makes the Eastern Spinebill on the note appear to be flying. The bird shifts between poses when you move the note in a diagonal tilting action.

Top to Bottom Window — The note includes a clear window that spans from the top to the bottom of the note as a security feature.

Rolling Colour Effect — A tilting motion also creates this effect. As you move the note, the ink appears to change colour. You can see this in a prominent patch on one side of the bill and on a bird on the reverse.

Intaglio — This feature is slightly raised print. You can find the notable note texture on both the numerals and portrait.

Microprint — You can see distinct but extremely small print across the note. This text actually includes pieces of the Australian Constitution.

Federation Star — A clear, circular window embossed with the Federation Star is seamlessly integrated into the corner of the note.

Members of the Reserve Bank expect new note circulation to go smoothly, and since DC Payments ATMs do not dispense $5 notes, you should not see any complications with your fleet.

Want to learn more about banknote changes and how they may affect your ATM business? Contact your DC Payments representative by email or by phone at 1800 301 100.

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